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Frazzled Game Guide

7. Other Tips and Tricks

1. Replay earlier levels to try out and practice new tricks and combinations.

2. Your best score, along with your current score multiplier, is automatically saved at each check point. Replay the same levels and reach a higher score for that check point, and your older score is automatically replaced. This allows you to use the "best starting position" for any game. It also allows you to replay earlier levels to improve your starting positions for later check points.

3. Use earlier levels to quickly increase your score multipliers. This will have a tremendous impact on your scores throughout the game.

4. Play with new arrangements on paper before trying them out in the game. You can easily created very complex combinations and chain reactions that can earn you many thousands of points at once.

5. Power balls (as well as chain reactions) can be used to create vertical four- and even five-in-a- rows.

6. Time balls are great to plan your game, but if you need a quick break you can always press the 'Esc' key.

7. The option menu allows you to control various game parameters, including paddle speed (higher speed means a sacrifice in ease of control, and hence is geared towards advanced players).

8. Find the backgrounds too distracting? You can turn them off in the options menu.

9. Need a cheat code to peek at the higher levels? There is one, however it will reset your score to zero and hence will not allow you to compete in the global high score list. What is the cheat code? We're not telling, but if you look at the web-address for each of the game guide pages, you should figure out where a ninth page might have gone.

10. Above all... have fun!

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