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THE MIDNIGHT POST * October 2005
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The Wonderland Game:
Community Spotlight

Wanted: "Best of Wonderland" Level Pack
The Wonderland Game Series certainly has a lot of levels. With over 300 “official” levels and over 3,000 user-made levels for Return To Wonderland, you can spend a lot of time with Stinky and friends. We know that new users can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of levels, and we're looking to make a list of user-recommended "Best of Wonderland" levels. We want to showcase some of the most popular levels, and we need your help. Who knows, you might even find that you have missed a gem of a level along the way.

To participate in this process, simply send us an e-mail with the subject line "My Top Levels" and two lists:

1. A list of your favourite “official” levels. Include between 5 to 10 of your favourite levels. In each case, indicate the name of the level and the game that it’s from (Wonderland, Return To Wonderland Classic/Deluxe, Secret Worlds). You can rank your list (e.g #1 - #5) or send us the levels unranked.

2. A list of your favourite “user-made” levels. Include between 5 to 30 of your favourite levels. In each case, indicate the name of the level (as stated in the Discussion Board) and the name of the level’s author. Again, you can send us the list ranked or unranked.

Please send your lists to us by October 25th, 2005. We will compile a “Best Of” level collection and include it in the next issue of our newsletter. And as a token of appreciation for your participation, we will randomly select five entries and award to each a free Midnight Synergy game of their choice.

Wonderland Around The World
Ever wish you could meet other Wonderland players in person?

This summer a group of Wonderland players decided to meet up in Northern Ireland for a first-ever Wonderland mini-convention, hosted by long-time forum member 'Davimad'. Visitors came in from the UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Sweden. They were picked up via limousine from the airport (Wonderland players travel in style!), pitched their tents in the backyard, and enjoyed a weekend filled with laughter, food, drink, song, and, of course, games. (It would seem that Wonderland characters are well suited for an inspired game of charades.)

Visit the online Wonderland community to read more on this meet-up, get help on levels, and, of course trade your custom Return To Wonderland level creations. If you have never visited the community, simply visit the Wonderland Level Exchange (from the 'Return To Wonderland' main menu) and register for a free account.

And be sure to let us know about other Wonderland activites from around the globe.

Level Competition - Small World II
Looking to make even more great levels? Check out the new level competition by forum member "mette" on the discussion board. The goal is to submit a level that packs the most fun into the minimal 14x14 level size. Midnight Synergy will also offer some prizes for competitors - a free Midnight Synergy game for the top three entries. Entry deadline is October 15th 2005. Visit the online community for competition rules and details.

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