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Nine Things About The Wonderland Games
That You Might Not Have Known!

1. A Brief History of Stinky

Does the image to the right remind you of someone? Stinky and Loof went through many changes before becoming the Stinkers we all know and love. Early character designs had them as dinosaurs and space aliens and made them one-eyed, fanged, hairy, horned, tailed, and much more. At one point, Loof was even planned as Stinky’s two-legged little dino-dog. You can visit Stinky’s Family Picture Album for some early designs.

2. Other Wonderland Titles

Finding just the right name for a game can take time. Before it became “Wonderland”, the game went through several name changes, including “Wit’s End”, “The Adventures of Stinky and Loof” and (gulp) “Rainbow Rescue Rangers”.

3. Some Nuts and Bolts

Earliest concepts for what became the Wonderland game were designed in the mid 1990s. Written in C++ for DOS Protected Mode, original concepts included a 2D overhead perspective as well as a 3D isometric view. Eventually the concept evolved into a full 3D environment for Windows and was written entirely in a language called Blitz3D. Each subsequent Wonderland game was built upon the existing code of previous games - Secret Worlds contains 18,000 lines of code and many hundreds of models, images, sound files, and other data.

4. Return To Wonderland Deluxe has Hidden Features

Every once in a while you might notice a very hard-to-reach message square in the Return To Wonderland Deluxe Levels. One of them, for example, is in World 2 Level 10 . Reaching these squares will give you hints on how to unlock some of the game’s hidden features.

5. A New View

If you want a new perspective on things, you can try out this little not-so-secret feature. Press and hold ALT-X on your keyboard. Keeping both keys pressed, use the Num-Pad number keys to operate the game’s camera. Zoom out for a bird’s eye perspective on the entire level, or get close and personal with Stinky and the gang.

6. Forum Activity

If you haven’t checked out the Wonderland Discussion Board, you’re missing half the fun! From the Return To Wonderland main menu, select “Level Exchange”. This will take you on-line, where you can discuss the games and trade new custom levels for Return To Wonderland. To date, over 50,000 posts have been made, and over 3,000 new levels are available for download, absolutely free.

7. Z-Bot Pals

In a very early concept draft of the game, you were going to be in control of three robots on a space ship, each with different abilities. The “Wee-Bot” was small and zippy, the “Zee-Bot” could zap objects with electricity, and the “Zero-Gee-Bot” could hover over chasms. The Wee-Bot concept survived into the final Wonderland game, where it became the Z-Bot.

8. There Is A Secret Ending To Wonderland Secret Worlds

That’s right! Rescuing the Stinkers is not the end of Wonderland Secret Worlds! Only a handful of people have found the secret ending so far, and they have been sworn to secrecy. So don’t expect anyone to share any hints on how to reach this ending. You are completely on your own for this challenge. Just know that there might be a little more puzzle and adventure in your future, even if you solved every level, found every bonus coin, and rescued all the Stinkers.

9. More Wonderland Just Around The Corner!

What’s this? Are Stinky and Loof getting ready for new adventures? Would we quietly sneak an announcement like this into an article? Absolutely!

Get ready for a brand new update to Return To Wonderland. The “Platinum Edition” will contain a host of new puzzle and action game elements for you to play with. Best of all, this game update will be entirely free (!) to registered users of the Return To Wonderland Deluxe Edition. If you were considering getting the Deluxe Edition - now is a great time. The free Platinum Edition upgrade will be released before year’s end, so stay tuned for more details.
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