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The Midnight Post
Issue #11: June 2007
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It's Summer Time!

We're hoping this edition of the Midnight Post finds you enjoying life on a beach, in a pool, in your garden, and with plenty of sunshine. But for those rained-out days (or when you must escape into the coolness of your basement) we have a few indoor treats for you:

First off are two great new games from fellow game developers, the retro arcade smash Titan Attacks and the puzzle game Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery.

Then there's a two-page look back at the classic Utlima Series. And rounding out this issue are new editions of the Wonderland Gallery and Peegue's Puzzle Page.

Have fun!

In this issue:
Titan Attacks
Professor Fizzwizzle 2
The Wonderland Gallery
Classic Gaming: Ultima
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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