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Game Spotlight:
Two New Arcade Blasters

We've been focusing a lot on puzzle and adventure games in recent issues, so this time we're offering a little more action than usual. These two recent releases show that the good ol' fashioned 1980s arcade blaster is alive and well.

Game Spotlight #1:
Astro Avenger II

Astro Avenger II is vertically scrolling space shoot-em-up filled with giant spaceships, slimey aliens, and furious firepower. Traverse fifty enourmous levels spread over five galaxies, upgrade your ship along the way, and try not to end up as space debris!

Click to Download and Astro Avenger II for Free!

Game Spotlight #2:

Darkside is an Asteroids-style blaster with impressive 3D visuals. Protect cities and factories from alien attack as you orbit around hundres of massive asteroids. Darkside plays great, looks even better, and is definitely worth a peek!

Click to Download and Darkside for Free!

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