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Classic Game Spotlight:
ROM Check Fail

This issue's classic gaming spotlight is not about any one particular game, but a game about classic games! ROM Check Fail is a free download with an intriguing idea... what if dozens of classic arcade games were all mixed up together?

The result: Imagine Mario fighting off the Space Invaders, Pac Man getting stuck in Asteroids, or the Spy Hunter running down the Qix enemy. Every few seconds, the game randomly reshuffles gameplay elements, so you constantly need to be on your toes. You are just about to attack a Gauntlet ghost with your Defender spaceship, when you, your enemies, and your environment suddenly take on new forms, forcing you to adapt your strategy.

ROM Check Fail can be downloaded here. We suggest you switch the game to full-screen mode by pressing ALT-ENTER. Use the keyboard to control and the space-bar to fire/jump.

Have fun!

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