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Issue #22: December 2010
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Hello there! Long time no see!

Welcome to Issue #22 of the Midnight Post. It certainly has been a while since our last edition. As many of you already know, we decided to take a creative break after the release of Wonderland Adventures Mysteries of Fire Island to recharge our (very worn out) batteries. While things are still on the quieter side at Midnight Synergy, we didn't want a whole year to go by without an update and an issue of the Midnight Post.

So here we are, to let you know about a few things:
  • Yes, we are still around! In fact, we have slowly begun work on the final chapter of the Wonderland Adventures trilogy. You can get a sneak peek right here.
  • Players who have finished the first two Wonderland Adventures games might be interested in a strange message that washed up on the shores of Wonderland recently.
  • Our games review and retro spotlight section have been combined for a quick look at a few recommendations for the Nintendo DS. We think that some of these games will be of interest to our readers.
  • We have unearthed another unfinished project from the Midnight Vault.
  • And Peegue has prepared a new puzzle to get you into a space traveling mood.
We want to thank all of you for your patience and continued support. It's been a while since some of you visited Wonderland, but we hope that 2011 will once again bring you to new worlds filled with adventures, puzzles, and fun.

We wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!
The Midnight Synergy Team

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