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Other Retro Game Connections

The library in the Wonderland Academy isn't the only place where we placed some call backs to vintage gaming.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't played Planet of the Z-Bots yet.

Arcade Games
The Wonderland Arcade makes a come-back. This time, the arcade machines are based on four classic titles from the early 1980s: Lock'n'Chase, Dragonfire, Frostbite, and Berzerk. Of course, as before, each title gets its own 'Wonderlandification'.

Twinkle makes reference to one of the worlds with very hard to pronounce names, including Q&Bong and Q#Bub. We assume that Q*Bert is not far behind.

Z-Bot Numbers
Late in the game you learn the number designations of the various Z-Bots: 001 (Low Influence Device), 302 (Messenger), 420 (Maintenance), 711 (Battle), 834 (Command), 883 (Sentinel) and 999 (Z-Bot Prime). These designations are, in fact, from one of our favourite vintage games of all time: Paradroid.

Z-Bot Language
If you listen carefully to the soundtrack, you'll notice that the Z-Bots like to make retro game references, including "I am Error" (from Legend of Zelda), "Chicken, fight like a Z-Bot" (from Berzerk), and "All your base are belong to us" (from Zero Wing).

At the end of the game, Shiny will tell you of some of the adventures that may lie ahead, including a visit to the ice moons of Vanguard or the world of Mon Saanti. Both are in fact locations in our own Intensity XS series. Does this mean Wonderland is a prequel to Intensity XS? Does Shiny somehow set the events of that game in motion?? The mind boggles!!!

Z-Bot Computer
And finally, if you look carefully, you'll note that the Z-Bot mainframe (on Uo) is perhaps not as powerful as originally imagined. Instead, you'll recognize a Commodore 64 in the background. No wonder the Z-Bots had difficulty taking over the world!

Of course, there are plenty of other references throughout the game, including other games, music, TV and movies, as well as plenty of references to Science and Astronomy. If you find some references, please feel free to share them on the Wonderland Discussion Board.

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