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Level Editor
Reference Guide: Other Editor Options

A level can have any size between 14x14 and 99x99 tiles. Be aware that very large levels might be too long to play (and hence not fun), too empty and boring (and hence not fun), or too slow on older computers (and hence not fun). It is usually best not too make your level bigger than absolutely necessary. Tight, compact levels are much more fun than levels with wasted space. For more sizing information, see Tutorial 3.

Time is measured in seconds, and can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes.

This decides the visual look and feel of your level. Note, however, that the editor's display will not reflect a change in style. Style choices are "Wood" (e.g. Wonderland World 1), "Castle" (e.g. Wonderland World 2), "Purple" (e.g. Wonderland World 3), "Cave" (e.g. Wonderland World 4), "Sand" (e.g. Wonderland World 6), "Jade" (e.g. Wonderland World 10), "Aztec" (e.g. Return World 2), "Spooky" (e.g. Return World 3) and "Garden" (e.g. Return World 5).

This sets the background effect used in a level. "Sky", "Stars", "City", "Forest", "Warp" all place the level floating above the given background. "Flat" creates a flat set of infite walls in each direction, "Walls" does the same with inclined walls. "Water" and "Lava" surround the level in the given fluid.

--------Music Track--------
There are six tracks to choose from. 1 - Happy (e.g. the Wonderand intro), 2 - Puzzley (e.g. Wonderland World 1), 3 - Breezy (e.g. Wonderland World 2), 4 - Dark (e.g. Wonderland World 4), 5 - Nostalgic (e.g. Return intro), and 6 - Spooky (e.g. Return World 3).

Press the Blck button to toggle the "Block" Mode on and off (a yellow frame will indicate when it is on). With the block mode on you can place larger number of tiles by selecting the two corners of a block. Click once to set one corner, then move your mouse to see the tiles fill your level. Click again to set the other corner. Very useful to fill large areas with the same tile.

This will clear the level and replace all tiles with the currently active tile.

This will place the currently active tile around the entire edge/border of your level.

This option (hotkey - "U") will undo your latest move. Good to erase mistakes.

This option brings up the contents of the "Custom Levels" directory. Use your mouse to select a level to load. If you have many levels, use the the scrollbars to move up or down the list, or press the first letter of the name of your level to advance to that section of the list.

---Save (and Directories)---
This will save your level as "NAME.LEV" in your "Custom Levels" directory. If you want to thematically group worlds into themes, simply open Windows Explorer and create a subdirectory in the "Custom Levels" directory (such as currently, "Wonderland 101" and "The Playground"). Move or copy the desired levels into those directories. Note that the level editor will only allow you to load/save/edit levels in the base directory. Any level in a sub-directory can not be accessed from the level editor (and is hence "safe"). To edit such a level, you must first copy or move it into the base directory.

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