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The Midnight Post
Issue #1: October 2005
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Welcome to the very first issue of the Midnight Post, the new format of the Midnight Synergy newsletter.

As with our previous mail-outs, you will receive information on new game releases as well as updates, special offers, and competitions. However, we've also added further content to the newsletter covering current Midnight Synergy games, upcoming developments, other games and puzzles, "just-for-fun" articles, and more. We hope that you will find something interesting, something funny, or something exciting in every issue, and that the newsletter will be a welcome addition to your e-mail inbox.

This newsletter will start with only a few pages per issue, but will hopefully grow over time. Future issues will include free game downloads, game retrospectives, and much more. We also invite members of our game community to write us letters, make suggestions for future articles, and contribute in other ways. Simply contact us and use the subject line "Newsletter Feedback".

Subscribing to and un-subscribing from this newsletter is very easy. Simply use the form below to sign-up. We only send out a few newsletters each year, your e-mail will never be shared, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

In this issue:
Nine Wonderland Secrets
Wonderland Community Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page
And Finally...

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