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Four Great FreeWare Games!

While there are literally thousands of free games to be found and played on the internet, it takes some time to hunt down the real gems among the huge selection. Here we highlight four games that are completely free and have great gameplay at their core. While they might be a little rough on the edges, you are sure to be entertained by these offerings.

Plobb! (Arcade Action)

An evil wizard has captured poor little Plobb and locked him away in his dungeon. Using the mouse to control Plobb, you must make your way through five candy coloured worlds in your quest to escape. Inspired by the classic "Asteroids", Plobb! is a great little game for those seeking a fun arcade experience.
Click here to download this game.

SubTerra (Puzzle)

This freeware project shares some similar gameplay to our own Wonderland game series (with a sprinkle of Boulder Dash) - collect gems and make it to the level's exit, all the while clearing mazes, avoiding obstacles, and solving puzzles. Definitely worth checking out.
Click here to download this game.

Samorost (Adventure)

Samorost (and its sequel) combines point-and-click adventure gameplay with a very intriguing, and very unique, art style. The game will play in your browser (no download necessary) - to start your strange adventure, click on the little observation tower once the game has loaded. Some screens may be larger than your window, so be sure to use your scrollbar to explore your surroundings.
Click here to play this game.

Pozzo - Jello Crusade (Puzzle)

Pozzo is a cute puzzle game. Its basic gameplay is similar to the collapsing bridge puzzles in Wonderland, but the game adds new dimensions, including coloured gates that only unlock when all bridges of matching colour have been collapsed. Pozzo is a nice little puzzle diversion (you might want to turn down the music, though).
Click here to download this game.

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