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Development Update

Development on the next game in the Wonderland series continues. As mentioned in the last issue, this game will play quite differently compared to the "classic" Wonderland trilogy. While we are still keeping most of the gameplay details under wraps, we have a few new in-development screenshots for you today. As always, remember that things can change drastically between now and development completion, so nothing in these updates should be taken as written-in-stone.

This is a first shot of the cellar/dungeon theme. The coloured pillars are the new teleporters. A set of firetraps is also visible. Clicking on the icon in the upper-right opens your inventory, where you can examine and use items that you are carrying with you.

A screenshot of the current editor. As you can see, the editor itself is in 3D and gives you the ability to zoom and move the camera around the level. It's not quite 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get', but close. Given the insane flexibility of the editor - pretty much everything can be customized - it's not clear yet how steep the learning curve for new and inexperienced users will be. This is an issue we will continue to work on.

And finally, a shot of an early version of the new Loof model. The plan is to allow you to play as Stinky, Loof, Qookie, or Peegue, or to create your very own Stinker, complete with your own choice of headgear. This feature is still in the works, but we're optimistic it will make it into the final release.

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