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And finally...

Once in a while we come across a really neat site that we think you might enjoy. Rather than supplementing Peegue's Puzzle Page with something like Loof's Little Link List we'll just stuff them in here. While we love alliterations as much as the next person, we (presumbaly) prefer to prevent their perceived proliferation in this profoundly persuasive periodical.

Anyhoo, if you haven't checked out Grand Illusions before, you're in for a treat. This site is stuffed with interesting toys, visuals, and optical illusions - each presented with a quick video clip.

Two personal favourites are the 'Dragon Illusion' and the 'Dr. Angry and Mr. Calm'.

The Dragon Illusion simply has to be seen to be believed. Presented at a celebration for mathematician Martin Gardner, it is a particularly clever version of the Hollow Face Illusion. The first thing you might wish to do is check out the video to the right.

But to fully experience it, you really want to follow these simple cut-out and folding instructions to make your very own dragon model. It takes about twenty minutes to print-out, cut, and assemble the model. Place the model about two meters away from you (on a table, or on top of your fridge), focus on the face, close one eye (important!), then start moving around. If the illusion does not immediately take shape, try again starting from a slightly different position. It might take a few tries, but it is definitely worth it.

For the Dr. Angry and Mr. Calm illusion, centre the following image on your screen, then walk away from the computer. Look at the monitor from about 3-5 metres distance. Make a note of who's angry, and who's calm. Keeping your eye fixed on the images, walk slowly toward the monitor for a very interesting effect.

For detailed explanations, and many other illusions, head to Grand Illusions. It is a site we highly recommend for the gourmet internet surfer with an afternoon to spare.

And that's it for this issue. Until next time... happy gaming!

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