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Introducing the Midnight Synergy
Games Collection CD-Rom

Introducing the Midnight Synergy Games Collection on CD-Rom. Seven of our full version games, along with lots and lots of bonus material, all of it packaged in an attractive DVD-style keepsake case. It is a perfect way to pick up all of our games at a bargain price or give them as a present to friends and family.

What Games Are Included?
The Games Collection CD contains over $135 worth of games. Included are full versions of Wonderland (v1.17), Wonderland Secret Worlds (v1.00), Return To Wonderland Platinum Edition (v3.01), Intensity XS (v1.52), Intensity XS ReCharge (v1.12), Frazzled (v1.08) and Colony (v1.2). The CD Menu allows you install all programs at once, or you can pick and choose to install individual games. The CD also allows you to easily install one copy on your home computer and, say, one copy on your laptop.

Bonus Material? What Bonus Material?

We’ve taken a cue from Special Edition Movie DVDs and have packed the CD with over 200 megabytes of “just for fun” bonus material. The disc includes full versions of our older games, sketches and screenshots of early game designs, high resolution images, full MP3 soundtracks, and more.

What Does It Cost?
The CD is priced at US $59.95, plus a flat rate of $8.95 for shipping and handling anywhere in the world. That’s less than half the price of ordering the downloadable versions of the games separately (which contain neither the game box nor the bonus material). To order your copy, click here.

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