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The Midnight Synergy Games Collection
Additional Information, Questions & Answers

I Want To Give The Collection As A Present, Can I Ship Directly To The Recipient?
Yes. On the order page, after you've filled in your information, you will find a ticked checkbox, "Ship to billing address". Simply un-tick this checkbox to fill in the separate shipping information. Of course, order receipts will still be sent to your own e-mail address.

How Long Does Shipping Take?
Packages are sent out as soon as your order is received (except on weekends and holidays). Packages are sent from North Carolina, USA, and shipping will vary depending on your country of residence. A typical estimate for shipping is 4-7 days (USA), 6-10 days (Canada), 2-3 weeks (Europe and Australia), although shipping times can be less. Note also that packages can sometimes be delayed at customs.

I Already Own A Midnight Synergy Game, Do I Get A Discount?
Unfortunately, no. Calculating individual prices based on a combination of previous game purchases would have increased the handling price on every order. And since our games are available through many different online vendors, it would be impossible to track past orders for anyone who did not order the game directly through our website. To keep things as fair as possible for everyone, we simply decided to charge the same very low price for the entire collection to all of our customers. Even if you already own one of our games, we hope that the low $59.95 price of the collection will provide you with lots of value either for yourself or as a gift to others.

I Want To Play Now, Can I Also Get A Downloadable Version?
Absolutely! After your order you will also receive a download link to install all seven games on your computer (a 65 MB download). If you chose this option, you will not need to re-install the games once the CD arrives (but can keep it as a backup). Bonus material, however, is not available as a download. If you only wish to install an individual game at this time, either because the download for all games is too large for your internet connection, or because you already have some games installed, we will gladly provide you with an individual download link upon request. Simply forward your order receipt e-mail to us at midnight@midnightsynergy.com (with the subject line “CD Download Request”) and tell us what individual game you would like to download immediately.

Where Do I Order?
Simply click here to order your copy.

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