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I'm Seeing Double!
This trick was first "discovered" by user "Amadeus!". By hex-editing the level files, he found that he could place multiple characters into a level. While it was not possible to interact with or control these additional Stinkers, it made for an interesting visual effect - and allowed for a very tricky puzzle, Levitation (Hint: You will need to make moves while the level is still loading). Strangely enough, these ghostly images would then appear in any subsequent level played (until the game was re-started), prompting several players to jump out of their seats as their levels were seemingly haunted by Loof (and others). The multiple character trick was also used to create an entire hockey team of Stinkers (courtesy of a level by "Loirae").
Why does this happen? Anything is possible when hex-editing a level. The official editor only allows for one of each Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue, so the game assumes that only one of each is present in a level. Hence, when deleting characters at the end of a level, the game never realizes that there is a second copy of, say, Loof. As a result, the 3D model doesn't get erased, leading to the ghostly apparition in subsequent levels.

An Invisible Box
This trick only works with the Classic or Deluxe edition of Return To Wonderland - if you own the Platinum Version, check your directory for a "Deluxe.exe" file. This will allow you to play the older Deluxe edition and experience this trick, first discovered by "Salin" and then used in this level by "majic1". Pushing the box into the water (use the secret passage way) makes the box disappear, yet you can continue to push it around (and hear it being dragged along the floor). Keeping track of an invisible box introduces a whole new memory element into the game.
Why does this happen? In the original release, the borders of each level were only meant for the perimeter walls, hence the game logic for items along the edge of a level was not properly queried. In this case, the box was never deleted logically, as the game assumed that no box could actually be at the edge of a level. (This was changed in the Platinum Edition update).

We hope you enjoyed our look at these five "tricksy" levels. There are many other neat tricks, interesting glitches, and weird visuals, and we will collect and showcase more of them in a future issue of the Midnight Post.

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