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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2006
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Our friends at Grubby Games recently released their latest title, Fizzball. We've been having so much fun with it that we just had to spotlight it for this newsletter.

What is Fizzball about? Start with the antics of the loveable Professor Fizzwizzle, add a healthy dose of Breakout-style brick busting, season with a dash of the smash hit Katamari Damacy, and you'll start to get an idea of what awaits in Fizzball.

Over sixty adorable animal species have to be found and rescued as you progress through 180 levels. Bounce the Fizzball to safely "suck up" plants, animals, ... anything. The more animals you rescue, the larger your Fizzball becomes, enabling you to collect larger and larger animals. Start by rescuing kittens and ducklings, end with Tigers and Elephants!

Download the free demo and check out this adorable game. It is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. And if you don't know the original Professor Fizzwizzle game, why not download it as well and get ready for a great action puzzle game.

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