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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2006
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Wonderland Adventures
A 'Sneak Peek' Video Preview

Development on Wonderland Adventures, the next game in the Wonderland game series, continues at Midnight Synergy. The game is a departure from the 'classic' trilogy (Wonderland, Return To Wonderland, and Wonderland Secret Worlds) and features an entirely new gameplay engine that weaves puzzle/action levels into the framework of an adventure story.

We featured early screenshots in previous issues of the Midnight Post. This time, we have a special treat for you: a very first sneak peek at actual gameplay footage of Wonderland Adventures. This short video highlights some of the many, many new puzzle, action, and adventure elements that you will encounter in this game. This video is set to classic Wonderland music, and does not yet showcase the new sound and voice effects, as well as the all new musical soundtrack composed by Jonne Valtonen.

We hope you'll enjoy this little preview:

While release dates are always hard to pin down, we are currently aiming for a February 2007 release. Stay subscribed to the Midnight Post for updates on the development and release of Wonderland Adventures.

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