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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2006
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The Wonderland Game:
Community Spotlight

Get Creative for Wonderland Adventures!

During the month of November we ran a competition on the Wonderland discussion forum. The goal was to create a small piece of original artwork (in various categories) for inclusion into the upcoming Wonderland Adventures game. Categories were Wonderland-themed word puzzles, hand-drawn or computer-generated artwork, and outfits for Stinky & the Gang that players would be able to select for their own characters.

Some great entries were sent in - you will have a lot of fun spotting these little extras in the game when it is released. For now, we couldn't resist giving you two tiny little previews.

The first is an image for the all new Wonderland Art Gallery (see below). This is a hand-drawn image, entitled "Self Portrait with Poppies by Qookie", and submitted by Liz Mayhew.
The second preview is a sample of three outfits made by Pauline Robinson and Janet Galle. You'll be able to select from these outfits and more to customize your own Stinkers in the game.

The Wonderland Art Gallery

Wondertown has gone through a lot of changes since you last visited it in Wonderland Secret Worlds. The streets are once again filled with Stinkers, Peegue has retired from the mayor's office, and the new Wonderland Art Gallery has opened its doors.

This gallery will feature original artwork from players of all ages and all around the world. To make this a great success, the gallery needs your help. If you have (or want to make) a Wonderland themed image, painting, drawing, sketch, or doodle that you wish to share with the rest of the world, please e-mail it to us before December 31st, 2006. If accepted into the Gallery, your artwork will be on display in the game, along with your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer). Eternal fame - at least among Wonderlands - awaits!

How To Log On

In case you haven't yet joined the Wonderland community, here's how to log on. From the Return To Wonderland splash screen or main menu, select "Level Exchange". Once at the level exchange, register for your free account (you need a valid e-mail address) and read the forum rules. Then join the discussion, download the latest levels, or share your own creations with the community.

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