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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2008
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Game Spotlight #1
Jasper's Journey

Jasper's Journey is the latest release from our friends at Lexaloffle, makers of the popular puzzle game Chocolate Castle. Jasper's Journey is reminiscent of the classic platformers of the 1990s. It tells the tale of Jasper, a Loffin (not to be confused with a Loofy!), and his pet cat Orlando. An evil witch has kidnapped Orlando to use him as an ingredient for her incredibly evil potion! With the help of magic and a friendly blue dragon, Japser must travel through many lands to rescue his feline companion from the witch's clutches.

The game features fifteen large levels filled with lots of secret locations to explore and many nefarious villains to overcome. The game also has a wonderful zen-like atmosphere and boasts tons of attention to detail. Jasper's Journey is a truly charming game and well worth a try.

Control Jasper with the keyboard, press Z to jump and X to cast a magic spell. Find the blue dragon to finish a level, but be sure to explore each land's many secrets. Can you find the three golden globes in each level for bonus points?

Click to Download and Jasper's Journey for Free!

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