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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2008
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The Wonderland Games:
Community Update

In this issue we're celebrating two of the most prolific members of the Return To Wonderland community,along with the incredible level creations that they continue to produce for other players to enjoy!

Liz Mayhew and the Pirate Quest Series

Liz Mayhew is back with another wonderful level series. "Pirate Quest" is a self-contained story told over 44 incredible levels. Little Loof Fauntleroy is a rather posh young lad who is fed up with school and runs away from home to become a pirate. He has to go through many trials and tests to reach full pirate status, and along the way he meets many new friends including the beautiful Governor Qookie, and a deadly enemy Pegnose Peegue.

Pirate Quest is truly stunning. Chock-full of new locations, custom graphics, devious puzzles, and loads of humour, Liz has truly outdone herself with this creation. Already enjoyed by many community regulars, Liz was kind enough to compile all of the levels - along with solutions - so that many new game players can embark on the quest for treasure, glory, and romance in the pirate world. And as always, custom levels are free to download for any registered Return To Wonderland players.

There are two download options:

1) You can either download the entire set of levels, along with all custom textures, models, and houses, by unzipping the complete Pirate Quest level series into your Return To Wonderland directory. Make sure to extract the files into your RTW base directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Return To Wonderland), as all subdirectories for textures and models are already contained within the zip file.

2) Or you can download and install the files separately (for advanced users): click to download the levels, 3D models, textures, and custom houses into their respective directories.

Liz has also typed up solutions to all fourty-four levels, all of which can be downloaded here. The final episode completes this story but leaves room for more to come, perhaps we will see another adventure in the pirate world soon? Liz would also like to thank Popo and JanetGalle for their 3D models. And of course, many (many!) thanks to Liz for all of her wonderful level creations, as well as her hard work to make them easily available to other players.

'kiki' reaches 7000 posts and 700 levels!

Chris, aka 'kiki' on the Wonderland Community, has been busy! With 7000 posts he has the single most entries under one username (surpassed only by the combination of Lillie/Lillian's posts). And it's not just idle chat - kiki plays and comments on many (if not most) of the levels posted and provides valuable feedback to the creators.

But kiki has also produced over 700 levels of his own. His creations are among the most popular downloads in the community, and so we asked him where he finds his continual inspiration. Chris replied, "I just loves puzzles and get much enjoyment out of creating my own to share with others. The Editor is such a relaxing place for me I spend and hour or two in there every other night... sometimes every night."

How does he keep coming up with new levels? "I just 'throw down' some items and build around them. Sometimes I do have an idea and then build around that one idea. I also am inspired by my fellow Wonderlanders who love to play and comment on not just my levels but on all the levels posted."

We also asked kiki to highlight some of his own favourite level creations so that players unfamiliar with his levels (are there any??) could give them a try. On his own recomendation, we invite you to try out Loof Obano's House, Tank Commander, and his 700th level, Septaucentennial. Note that these will require custom textures Rockwall (by Anne Danner) and Blast Furnace (by Janet Galle).

Any final words? "Honestly, I'm amazed that I have gone this far with level making. My goal now is to reach 1000 levels and then go from there."

Once again, many congratulations on this achievement, and many thanks for all of the fun!

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