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The Midnight Post
Issue #16: April 2008
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Games, games, games!

Welcome to the 16th issue of the Midnight Post. This issue is crammed full with all sorts of games: New Games, Free Games, Future Games, Wonderland Games, Retro Games, and Puzzle Games.

Under New Games, we have a spotlight on two arcade action that have just been released. For Free Games we have are featuring two new (and very fun) freeware releases. Then there's Future Games: a very early sneak peek at the next Wonderland Adventures. The latest community update takes a closer look at two of the Wonderland Games' talented level designers. Our retro spotlight is in itself a game about Retro Games. And Peegue is back with a new puzzle/game for you to solve.

Wow, that's a lot... you'd better get started!

Best wishes, and until next time!
In this issue:
Game Spotlight: New Arcade Games
Two Free Game Downloadss
Wonderland Adventures Update
Wonderland Community Spotlight
Retro Game Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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