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Game Spotlight:
Jump Jump Jelly Reactor

Jump Jump Jelly Reactor is a new release from our friends at Twilight Games. The game is an interesting mix of puzzle and action and presents a new twist on a classic gameplay mechanic.

The Jellies need your help! The Jelly factory is offline, and the crucial Jelly Reactor is under attack by the vile Rockons. It is up to you - with the help of some friendly miners - to restore Jelly Power and save the day!

Jump Jump Jelly Reactor features four different gameplay modes, 70 factory levels and an additional 60 Jelly Puzzle levels. New gameplay elements are introduced gradually, ensuring that new levels present new challenges. Jump Jump Jelly Reactor is a charming game well worth a try.

Click here to Download and Play Jump Jump Jelly Reactor for Free!

If you are more in the mood for a classic brain puzzler, be sure to also try Twilight Games' earlier release, Aargon Deluxe. This game requires you to solve over 180 light-based puzzles, by placing reflectors, prisms, and other gadgets on your playing field. While it has very simply visuals (compared to more recent releases), its gameplay has stood the test of time with top notch puzzle designs - especially once you play beyond the games' tutorial levels. The game also comes with a complete level editor.

If you love classic puzzles and you haven't already played Aargon Deluxe, you will definitely want to give this game a try.

Click here to Download and PlayAargon Delxue for Free!

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