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Development Update:
Mysteries of Fire Island

Development continues on Mysteries of Fire Island, the next chapter in the Wonderland Adventures saga. Right now, a team of designers and testers are busy creating and fine-tuning a set of adventures for the game - prepare to be treated to all new puzzle and action levels that are imaginative, devious, and fun!

This game is a stand-alone title, you will not need to have played the original Wonderland Adventures to play its sequel, although Wonderland veterans will be delighted to many old friends return. Mysteries of Fire Island also introduces many new gameplay elements as you explore the island and its many secrets.

While we do not have a release date fixed for the game, we are confident that you will be venturing to Fire Island before year's end - keep reading the Midnight Post for continued updates.

Until then, here is a selection of screenshots from the many new scenarios you will encounter (without giving away any surprises).

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