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THE MIDNIGHT POST * October 2018
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New Release:
Midnight Synergy Games Collection DVD
~ Ultimate Edition ~

We're proud to introduce the ultimate edition of the Midnight Synergy Games Collection on DVD-Rom: ten full games, huge level archives, and tons of bonus material.

This collection includes the classic Wonderland game trilogy, the complete Wonderland Adventures trilogy, Frazzled, Colony, and the Intensity XS games.

It also comes pre-packaged with the Return to Wonderland Archive and the Wonderland Adventures Archive, offering thousands of user-made levels and adventures - ready to install and play!

But the disk also includes a ton of bonus material: early game releases, unreleased prototypes, production images, character designs, soundtracks, and much more.

Everything is packaged in a keepsake DVD-Rom and offered at a bargain price. It is a perfect way to pick up our entire games collection and re-visit some old favourites, or to introduce our games to friends and family as a gift.

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