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Wonderland Adventures Archive Spotlight

Over the past years, there have been many great adventures and hubs created for Wonderland Adventures. Here is a list of some suggestions that are available on the Midnight Synergy Collection DVD.

River Crossing
A nice classic puzzle by Jutomi with many elements to get you started.

Archive Location:
Adventures - Jutomi/JA:River Crossing

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Truest Movements
Moving buttons? Coins that run away? Check out MyNameIsKooky's crazy creation.

Archive Location:
Adventures - MyNameIsKooky:Truest Movement

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Recipe for Disaster
A huge adventure with 58 individual levels, this creation by yot yot5 is almost a hub in itself.

Archive Location:
Adventures - yot yot5/Recipe for Disaster

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Operation: Mecha
This Hub contains multiple adventures and is the first chapter in LexieTheFox's story.

Archive Location:
Custom Hubs - Operation Mecha

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Lost Call
A fun collaboration adventure by kidkidaaa1/Cookie and friend.

Archive Location:
Adventures - kidkidaaa1/Lost Call

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To Flash a Bubble
Another of Jutomi's adventures - this one a trickier flash puzzle.

Archive Location:
Adventures - Jutomi/To Flash a Bubble

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Grow Wraiths
A neat puzzle by Aryan101, using a type of Wraith that was programmed but never used in the offical games.

Archive Location:
Adventures - Aryan/Grow Wraiths

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There are many other wonderful creations, and several interesting works in progress. As always, check out the rest of the forum and the archive for more suggestions.

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