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Return to Wonderland Archive Spotlights

The Return To Wonderland Level Archive on the new Midnight Synergy Games Collection is packed with thousands of levels to play. This may be a little (!) overwhelming, so here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Part 1: Classic Spotlights
All of the previous Community Spotlight Levels are of course included in the archive. Here are some to re-visit:
Small World II Competition Levels
A set of twenty compact levels offers great classic puzzles.
Archive Location:
S/Small World II/
Link to Issue 002.
Kids Level Series
Levels for kids: easy puzzles, fun action, wacky levels.
Archive Location:
K/Kiddie Contest/
Link to Issue 003.
Liz Mayhewís Coin Quest
A massive set of 75 levels that roughly follows the storyline of The Lord of the Rings.
Archive Location:
L/Liz Mayhew/CoinQuest01 to 75
Link to Issue 006.
Halloween 2006
Lots of Halloween themed levels created for another competition. Spooky stuff!
Archive Location:
Link to Issue 007.
Fifth Anniversary Competion
Another themed competition - this one involved a Wonderland birthday!
Archive Location:
F/Fifth Annivers
Link to Issue 013.
Trick or Threat!
A collaboration of LeMarquis, Muzozavr, and Popo. Great level, phantastic visuals!
Archive Location:
Link to Issue 021.

Part 2: New Suggestions
A collection of more recent levels that are well worth checking out:
Cloudrac3rís Learning To Box
A nice and easy start that builds toward a tougher puzzle.
Archive Location:
Link to Forum Post.
Jutomiís Boulder Series
A set of 20 themed levels all about rolling boulders.
Archive Location:
J/Jutomi/jutrock001 to 020
Link to Forum Post.
Muzozavrís Security Through Insanity
A tough logic puzzle that uses only three link spheres.
Archive Location:
Link to Forum Post.
Markís La La Land
A very compact (and very challenging) puzzle.
Archive Location:
Link to Forum Post.
LeMarquisí The Black Pyramids
A set of four levels with nice puzzles and beautiful visuals.
Archive Location:
L/Lemarquis/lemarquis23 to 26
Link to Forum Post.
Chipís Bearers of the Onion Rings
A fun story in 27 parts with lots of nice puzzles.
Archive Location:
C/Chip/Chip0800 to 0826
Link to Forum Post.

Part 3: Want even more?
We've set aside a spot on the Wonderland Forum for you to make your own suggestions. Stop by for a visit, and check out what other users are saying.

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