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The Midnight Post
Issue #4: April 2006
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Welcome to the Midnight Post!

Our illustrious newsletter continues to grow - now a record-smashing SEVEN pages (some of them even interesting)! Can double-digit page numbers be far off? It certainly sounds crazy, BUT IT MIGHT JUST BE POSSIBLE!!!

Moving on...

In this issue we have a number of treats for you. First, a collection of four excellent games that are 100% free. Then a retrospective on one of the great puzzle game classics, Chip's Challenge, along with an interview with its designer, Chuck Sommerville. A few new screenshots in our Wonderland development update are joined by the latest edition of Peegue's Puzzle Page as well as new feature that is definitely not called Loof's Little Link List.

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In this issue:
Four Freeware Games
Chip's Challenge
Interview with Chuck Sommerville
Development Update
Peegue's Puzzle Page
And finally...

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