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The Midnight Post
Issue #5: June 2006
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Welcome To Issue #5
of the Midnight Post!

Here's what's new at Midnight Synergy, for June 2006:

We're thrilled to announce the very first Midnight Synergy Games Collection on CD-Rom. This collection contains seven Midnight Synergy games and lots of bonus material, all wrapped in a stylish DVD-case package. For all the details, and to order a copy, click here.

This issue also features another classic games spotlight, as we wax nostalgic over the 1980s laserdisc based game Dragon's Lair. A spotlight on "tricksy" Return To Wonderland levels as well as the latest edition of Peegue's Puzzle Page round out this month's offering.

Regular readers will note the absence of a development update on future Wonderland games in this issue. Don't Panic! It doesn't mean that future games are on hold. Development continues, but as most of the work has been focused on the inner workings of the game engine, we don't have much new to show this time around. Hopefully we should have lots of new stuff to show you in the next issue.

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In this issue:
The Midnight Synergy Games Collection
Game Collection CD: FAQ
Classic Gaming Spotlight: Dragon's Lair
Community Spotlight: Tricky Levels
Community Spotlight: Tricky Levels, Part 2
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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