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Development Update:
Wonderland Adventures

Back in February 2006 we first announced that work on the next game in the Wonderland series had begun. Since then we've been generally very quiet about the project. But today we will briefly open the vault and present some new information, early screenshots, and the game's title. Please note that, since the game is still far from finished, none of the information below is set in stone.

Wonderland Adventures is a completely new game set in the world of Wonderland. It plays and looks quite different compared to the "classic" Wonderland trilogy, although the games have some elements in common. Wonderland Adventures weaves the classic puzzle and action gameplay into a larger adventure with an involved story and a dash of RPG elements. Your player character will be able to freely explore the world of Wonderland, where they can meet and talk to other Stinkers, unlock access to new areas, and progress along the game's main story. The openness and non-linearity of the game world ensure that players can explore the game at their own rate and that players will rarely be "stuck" at any particular point of the story.

The world is also littered with opportunities to go on adventures: you might discover an unexplored cave, encounter a Stinker that needs your help, or go on a treasure hunt. These "adventures" are similar to the original games' "levels": a separate area filled with puzzles to be solved (and obstacles to be overcome) in order to reach a particular goal. While some adventures are integral to the story (and necessary to complete the main game), the majority of adventures are optional. This will allow you to re-visit the game even after its original completion in order to discover and solve every last adventure for that perfect score.

A major new component in Wonderland Adventures is the discovery and use of objects. Some can be found on your adventures, others can be bought or bargained for. Some will have clear uses, such as keys to unlock doors, or a lantern to illuminate darker passages. Others items will have very surprising uses that need to be discovered during the game.

While the main structure of Wonderland Adventures is now in place, the game is still (at minimum) several months from completion... possibly longer. Make sure to stay subscribed to the Midnight Post to get all the latest development info. Or visit the Wonderland Community and discuss possibilities and ideas with other Wonderland players.

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