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Wonderland Adventures - Early Screenshots

Here are a few work-in-progress screenshots of Wonderland Adventures:

Buttons, Buttons, Glorious Buttons
Stinky shows off some of the many new button designs in Wonderland Adventures. Buttons have a wide range of new functions, including operating gates, teleporters, bridges, and much more. All of these options lead to a wide array of possible logic puzzle designs.

Forest's End
Loof visits a small community of Stinkers that has settled at the edge of the Forever Forest. You will meet and interact with many different characters in Wonderland Adventures. Some will need your help, others will be able to help you on your quest.

Cascading Waters
What critters scurry about in the woods? As in the original Wonderland, there are no weapons of any kind. Instead, you have to learn to interact with the many inhabitants of Wonderland and use their particular behaviours to aid you in your puzzle solving adventure.

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