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Great Free Games - The Grow Series

If you are unfamiliar with Eyezmaze's Grow Series of games, then you are in for a treat. This series of compact puzzle games is easy to get into and plays directly in your web browser.

The structure of each game is similar. You need to place and grow a variety of items. The order in which items are placed is paramount. You only have a limited number of turns, and some items take longer to grow than others. Some items only grow if a certain conditions are met, often they will need a particular combination of other items to have grown to a given size. In each case, it is necessary to play through the game several times, paying careful attention to the animations that play as each item is placed and grown. The animations give vital clues to the order in which items need to be placed. If all items are grown to their final stage, the player is rewarded with a final (and often surprising) animation.

Some puzzles in the series have particular themes. Grow Cube starts with a simple cube. Placing fire, trees, water, and little people on the cube begins its gradual transformation into a complex machine.

Grow RPG plays like a small role playing game. Place towns, castles, and dungeons on a tiny gameworld to aid your hero in a quest to defeat an evil enemy. It items are not placed in the correct order, your hero will end up missing a vital piece of equipment (swords, keys, exta health) and will perish at the hands of one of the many monsters.

Grow Nano is the latest entry into this series of mini-games. Start with a small egg and click on its parts to grow a bizarre (and inhabited) entity.

All of the Grow games require some repetition, careful observation, and a lot of patience, so do not despair too quickly. However, if you are pulling out your hair, you can sneak a peek at some solutions right here.

Good luck and have fun!

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