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Issue #15: February 2008
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Hello again!

Welcome to the 15th issue of the Midnight Post. once again, Stinky and the Gang have dug up a number of interesting tidbits for you.

First, we're happy to showcase two new games from the independent development community, Jasper's Journey and Madame Fate. We also have the third and final part in our Making Of Wonderland Adventures series, as well as a look forward to new Wonderland games. A new community update celebrates two of our community's finest level designers, and Peegue is back with two new logic mazes for you to solve.

Finally, the Wonderland Adventure Editor has been updated to v0.95 - read all the news about it here.

Best wishes, and until next time!
In this issue:
Game Spotlight: Jasper's Journey
Game Spotlight: Madame Fate
The Making of Wonderland Adventures (Part III)
Wonderland Adventures Updates
Wonderland Community Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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