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The Midnight Post
Issue #6: August 2006
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Hello Again!

This issue of the Midnight Post includes some hot-off-the-press information and screenshots on our latest development project, the next Wonderland game Wonderland Adventures. But the classic Wonderland series isn't slowing down either - check out the Wonderland Community update page for some exciting milestones and a featured level collection.

Further, this issue's classic games spotlight features The Zork Trilogy, and we hope to introduce you to a great series of free puzzle games with the Grow series of games. Last but not least, the latest installment of Peegue's Puzzle Page finishes off this month's issue.

Finally, a quick reminder about our Midnight Synergy Games Collection - seven classic games for one very low price. This collection makes a great gift - to others, or for yourself. ;) So don't delay, grab yours today!

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In this issue:
Development Update: Wonderland Adventures
Wonderland Adventures Early Screenshots
Community Spotlight: Coin Quest
The 'Grow' Games
Classic Gaming: The Zork Trilogy
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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